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Starter Kit Bayern-France mobility grant (November 2020)
Starter-Kit Bayern-France is a mobility grant for students from french and bavarian universities, to fund an academic exchange or a research-internship neither in France or Bavaria. APPLICATION ONLY FOR A MOBILITY IN THE NEXT SEMESTER: Application in November for a mobility in the spring 2021 Application deadline (for all study exchanges beginning in wintertime): 15th of April Application deadline (for all study exchanges beginning in springtime): 15th of November Funding: 500€ max. and additional travel allowance up to 450€
15.11.2020, 23:59
TEST 2! Online Application Form
One-year scholarship program sponsored by the Free State of Bavaria for graduates of Central, Eastern and Southeastern European states
25.10.2020, 00:00
Mobilitätsbeihilfe Studienaufenthalt SS21
20.11.2020, 23:59
Hochschule Ansbach
ERASMUS - Spring term 2021
Deadline: 31.03.2020
31.12.2020, 23:59
Hochschule Ansbach
Grants of StMWK 2020
Deadline: 01. August 2020
31.12.2020, 23:59
Hochschule Ansbach
Ansbach University - Registration for Exchange Students / Incomings
Application Deadline: 30 November Start of Winter Term: 15 March
31.05.2021, 23:59
Hochschule Ansbach
PROMOS Summer Semester 2021
Deadline: 30.11.2020
30.11.2020, 23:59
Hochschule Ansbach
Erasmus + Stay for teaching or training purpose
25.08.2025, 00:00
Hochschule Ansbach
STIBET Graduate Scholarship for International Students - Copy
Deadline: 01. January - 01. August for the respective year
31.08.2025, 23:59
Hochschule Ansbach
StMWK - Semester Grants for International Students
28.08.2025, 00:00